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With more than 1000 learning activities, our subscription service is the most comprehensive digital preschool around!

30+ Apps

Want to focus on one learning activity? Discover our apps covering everything from reading and letter tracing to math and music.

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Who we are

Edoki produces high-quality, multilingual digital learning experiences for kids that are aligned with the Montessori teaching method. With offices in Paris, Montreal and Beijing, our international team is made up of developers, graphic designers, project managers and content creators. We are venture backed by Elaia and ACG.

Our promise

Edoki products are the perfect balance of educational and fun.

Smart and playful screen-time

Superior user experience

A curriculum designed by certified Montessori teachers

Tested by kids, families and teachers on 3 continents

Localized content in 8 languages

24/7 support

Our offices

Our offices' adresses: Paris, Montréal and Beijing
Our offices' adresses: Paris, Montréal and Beijing

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