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Why do I have to enter my password/credit card before I can access the content?This is how the Apple/Google Play/Amazon subscription systems are set up. To start the free trial you have to subscribe but you don't get charged until the 2nd month starts. If you choose the yearly subscription you get 13 months for the price of 8.What happens after the free trial period is over?Your account gets charged the amount of the option you chose: $4.99 for monthly subscriptions and $39.99 for annual ones.Why pay every month? Why not pay once?First of all, Montessori preschool has so much content that a premium version would cost close to $90, which is a steep budget for parents. Also, we remember how much we loved to receive a monthly magazine in the mailbox when we were young so we wanted to recreate the same excitement with a digital product.How can I unsubscribe?We made it super easy for our subscribers to change their mind at any time. We added a button inside the app's settings, just tap it and you won't have access to the content after the end of the renewal period. If you have any questions or queries, please send us a message on and we will gladly and our Certified Montessori teacher will answer you directly.

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