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What does the Web subscription give me access to?By subscribing on the website, you will have access to our app 'Montessori Preschool' on iOS, Android and Amazon. We also continuously add learning materials on this website. This site is only available to our subscribers.How can I login in the app?Install the app on your favorite devices. Click on the gear on the top left of the home page and login using your username and password you used when registering on the website. You will have access to the application content as long as you are subscribed.How can I cancel my subscription?Login and go to the 'Account' section, then to the 'Show History' page. There you will find the button to cancel.How can I look at my invoices?Your transaction history is available in the 'Account' section, once logged in.Can I upgrade my monthly subscription into a yearly one?Yes, of course. The 'Account' page offers a button dedicated to this very good idea.


Why do I have to enter my password/credit card before I can access the content?This is how the Apple/Google Play/Amazon subscription systems are set up. To start the free trial you have to subscribe but you don't get charged until the 2nd month starts. If you choose the yearly subscription you get 13 months for the price of 8.What happens after the free trial period is over?Your account gets charged depending on the option you chose (monthly or yearly).Why pay every month? Why not pay once?First of all, Montessori preschool has so much content that a premium version would cost close to $90, which is a steep budget for parents. Also, we remember how much we loved to receive a monthly magazine in the mailbox when we were young so we wanted to recreate the same excitement with a digital product.How do I cancel my subscription in the App?
We added a one-click button in the app Settings to make unsubscribing as easy as possible. To find it, open the app settings (the gear wheel in the top left-hand corner of the Home page) and tap the "Subscription Settings" icon. Please note that you will need to log into your "Parent account" to have access to this button. If you don’t have a parent account yet, you can create one on this page, it’s free, simply tap "sign up".
Please note that a Parent account also allows you to install the app on up to 7 devices & have up to 40 user profiles.
How do I cancel my subscription on the Apple App Store?
1. Open your device Settings (grey icon),
2. Scroll down to iTunes & App Store,
3. Select your account, tap View ID,
4. Enter your password,
5. Scroll down to subscriptions, find Montessori Preschool and tap "Cancel subscription".
How do I cancel my subscription on the Google Play Store?
1. Open the Google Play Store app,
2. Tap on the 3 lines next to the search bar,
3. Choose “My apps” and “Subscriptions”,
4. Find Montessori Preschool and tap Cancel.
How do I cancel my subscription on the Amazon App Store?
1. Tap Apps on the home screen of your device,
2. Select the menu icon (denoted by three stacked lines),
3. Scroll down and choose “Subscriptions”,
4. Next to “Montessori Preschool” select “Manage”,
5. Remove the checkmark from Auto-Renew,
6. Tap Save.

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