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If there is one area where Montessori materials and tools play an essential role, it's Mathematics. Contrary to traditional pedagogy, children are not encouraged to learn by memorization, but rather by manipulating objects and making sense of the world around them through discovery.


In the early years, the child develops their language skills through imitation. To progress into reading, the child must first develop an understanding of the writing system. According to Maria Montessori, this is where self-confidence makes an immense difference and can propel the child into the next phase of their education. With this fundamental component in mind, Edoki offers a catalog of progressive apps aimed not only teach children but to encourage them to be confident learners.


Creativity at its finest! Edoki Academy gives children the tools necessary to channel their inner-learner and bring out their artistic side. Deeply rooted in the Montessori framework, our apps provide children with spontaneous discoveries and 'aha!' moments galore!


A child's environment is what peaks their passion and curiosity for the world around them. Educators Jean Piaget and Seymour Papert carried-out Maria Montessori's vision by creating settings that encourage children to manipulate objects. On the same note, Edoki Academy offers stimulating and enchanting worlds that serve as a platform for discovery to take place in.


The collections gather several coherent programs. Buying them, you get a discount. You are also guaranteed to keep your children busy for a long, long time!





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